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Bird Watching


Nuwara Eliya and birds has a story untold – but could be explored all around. If you are a bird watching enthusiast you are about to step into a paradise where the endemic and migrant species are awaiting your presence in silence. Bird watching becomes more common especially around bird sanctuaries and wetland reserves in and around Nuwara Eliya such as Adam’s Peak, Horton Plains and Galway’s Land National Park.

Colourful and tropical bird species visit Sri Lanka at different times of the year following air currents. Mostly Ceylon Fly Catcher, Green Beater, Eagles, Herons and Woodpeckers could be delightful sights and all you will need are the birding equipment – suitable clothing, supplies, binoculars and cameras to grab the most memorable experience with birds.

To be precise the endemic birds such as Striking Red-face Malkoha and Green Billed Kokul could be sighted at the wet-zone and birds such as the Whistling Thrush or Yellow Eared Bulbul could be at the hillside. And the Brilliantly Plumaged Jungle Fowl, The Shy Brown-capped Babbler could be found in forests and sanctuaries throughout Sri Lanka.

If you are eager to spot migrant birds to Sri Lanka, in mid-August the first flock of birds arrive. Sandpipers, Stints, Terns, Plovers and Harriers from northern India, Siberia and Scandinavia or Western Europe settle along the coastlines while the Tree Warblers, Cuckoos and Thrushes lands on wetlands.

And the month of December is declared the National Bird Month by the Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka. As bird enthusiasts you might know that they are the local affiliates of Bird Life International.


Hiking & Trekking


Sri Lanka has landscapes which would entertain any type of nature or sports enthusiast all around the country. But when it comes to the hill country, especially Nuwara Eliya everything becomes enchanting and magical where you become the sole witness for all the beautiful and misty green assets rising from the ground several 100 metres tall. If you need to feel up the gut with some hiking and trekking – make it through the jungles, tea estates and up towards the mountains in the hill country.

Pack up your bags – but keep in mind;

  • Weather Conditions

  • Length of the trek

  • Duration taken at average

  • Approximated altitude

  • Your personal health conditions

Take up a covering hat to have some shelter from the sun, a pair of sunglasses, sun lotion. Better if you could take up an insect or leech repellant and wear trekking shoes or boots. To avoid the scratches from bushes and branches it is better to be wearing long sleeves shirts. Well, need not say that you might need some soap, salt or lime to get rid of the hanging leeches plus a handy torch with you.

But where to go for hiking or trekking;

  1. Kandy – The medieval Buddhist monasteries of Gadaladeniya, Lankathilake and Ambekke are connected to footpaths that brings scenic landscapes. The trek fallen towards the Dodanwala Dewale from the Thalkotte Railway Station is via forest reserves. If that does not satisfy you enough the Alagalla Mountain, Tea Estates with traditional Kandyan Villages, Hanthana hike, Bahirawakanda Mountain and Udawatta Kale Sanctuary will do.

  2. Knuckles Mountain Range – The human fist shaped mountain range spreaded over 234 sq. km. bordered to the Kandy and Matale districts has around 3 mountain peaks which rise over 915 metres. It would be just a 4 hour ride from Nuwara Eliya to arrive at the Knuckles Mountain Range. Try spending the night there and starting your journey the next day morning. Though it has loads of leeches and would take a substantial duration you would never regret the picturesque sceneries you will come across. You can either start from Riverston or Deanston or Meemure. There are a couple of untouched trails including Pitawala Pathana, Alugallenna and Nitro Cave.

  3. Belihul Oya – It is the connection link between the wet zone and dry zone of Sri Lanka, and due to this unique location it is the home to the highest biodiversity of the country. You may start off from Belihul Oya – rise via Bambarakanda Waterfall and arrive at the Horton Plains National Park 2134 metres above sea level. You will feel the tempt of the dramatic World’s End that drop 890 metres off the Central Highlands. River bathing in the natural rock pool which is created from the streams of Belihul Oya and Kiriketi Oya is a must at the Horton Plains.

Other than for these you can trek through the tea estates to capture the scenic beauty of Nuwara Eliya and also take the World famous Adam’s Peak. And also the Horton Plains offers any trek enthusiast a series of ridges, valleys, mountains and waterfalls with streams being the home to a vast range of flora and fauna.




Sri Lanka is the home to three finest 18-hole championship Golf courses in Asia, maybe you never knew. And for the great delight these 03 golf courses are situated in 03 different districts with vivid and beautiful landscapes in Colombo, Kandy and Nuwara Eliya. Namely The Royal Colombo Gold Club, The Victoria Golf and Nuwara Eliya Golf Club runs through the untouched jungles and bushes where the hit on the ball would take it above greenery all over. As Sri Lanka is yet to acclaim its global recognition as a major golfing country these golf courses are relatively calm and peaceful. You can reach these golf courses either via car, helicopter or sea planes.

The Victoria Golf Club

A masterpiece by the award winning Donald Steel spreaded across the hills bounding the Victoria reservoir claims itself the most picturesque views as a golf course. The 73 par, 6933 yards of the Victoria Golf course is Championship ready 18-hole Golf Arena which is properly maintained according to the international standards and has been the host of the Regional Amateur Championship. Though this is a challenging arena the beauty never fails ones’ eyes with the fairways in lined with trees, flowery bushes and greenery sights.

Ranked among the 100 most Beautiful Gold Courses of the World, the Victoria Golf and Country Resort would also allow you to unwind, relax and enjoy the challenge of golf at Kandy.

Nuwara Eliya Golf Club

The century old history hidden in the shades of tea estates and hills the golf course is a favorite destination among professional golfers and also the beginners who come on vacations to the hill country. The Golf club offers accommodation and dining options, and also bar and lounge facilities to the masters and mistresses. As an ethical code the dress and standards are kept with care. Other than for the golf course the club has a wood lined bar, a badminton court and a billiard room. English cuisine is served in the Dining room as dinner for guests.

These two golf courses has an approximates distance of 99km which would take a trip of 4 hours where you could experience more on either sides of the road from Nuwara Eliya to Kandy.



In Nuwara Eliya it will not be another peddling tour roaming around, but will a journey down a scenic lane via mountains, valleys, tropical rain forests, reservoirs, ancient cities, beaches and remote preserved villages. One way or the other you will be more enriched to learn the culture, understand the hospitality of people and be a part of their lifestyle which was inherited and protected by Sri Lankans for more than 2500 years. If you are a professional cycler, there could be a few things you might be considerable about

Trail Grading

It is actually not possible to be precise on the grading of the peddling trails as there could be various factors involved to change these. And there had been a guideline which the rides may be focused on.

  1. Length of the ride for a day

  2. Average altitude

  3. Trail Conditions

  4. Level of backpacking

  5. Temperature and Weather

  6. Humidity

  7. Levels of comfort

Moderate Cycling Tours Sri Lanka

If you ride at your leisure, much regularly – or enjoys taking a weekend cycling the hills or mountains while at home could be taking up the moderate Cycling. These rides would bring you exercise and the gentle roads with a few technical sections off road with options in package would bring you a ride of 5-7 hours a day with a little bit of elevation difference.

Pro Cycling Tours Sri Lanka – specialized at Nuwara Eliya

You want to make it out the rough way, explore and live in the moments of Sri Lanka with the high fitness levels you have gained while back at home – yes, Sri Lanka is ready! Significantly higher altitudes and preferably higher elevations may bring you the adventure and thrill you were always looking for at a ride. The routes are decided with tough trails that would require utmost competence which may offer you a ride of 7-9 hours a day.

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