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Pidurutalagala Mountain

7.9 Km / 19 Mins away

The highest mountain and the forest reserve with the top most elevation is simply what Pidurutalagala is. Nuwara Eliya being a mountain valley with a number of waterfalls starting from its peak – Pidurutalagala is considered the grandfather of them all. The mountain is 8292 feet above the sea level.

During the 1800s a path was made to climb the mountain which was four mile track which would take only two and half hours to reach the peak or even sooner on horseback. Ladies of that time were taken on a chair which was tied to two Bamboo poles and carried by four bearers – especially the royals, which is called the ‘Dolaawa’. The British called the mountain ‘Pedro’ as pronouncing Pidurutalagala was not easy for them. Pidurutalagala means – Straw Laid Rock.

Many mountain peaks in the world has a rocky surface, but Pidurutalagala is flattened with pale green Patna and during the dry season these grass looks like some straw laid on a surface. Earlier in 1940s it was said that a Toposcope with the important locations marked in the line of sight such as Colombo, Adam’s Peak, Horton Plains and Dondra and if the mist is not around one can clearly see places like Yala, Hambantota, Bintenna, Namunukula, Sorabora Wewa and the Bay of Trincomalee.

Single tree hill.jpg

Single Tree Hill

7.2 Km / 18 Mins away

An excellent view of the sun rise can be seen from the top of this mountain. Situated 6890 ft. above sea level and takes about 90 minutes to reach the top. After trekking through tea plantations you reach the top where there is just a single tree. Single Tree hill is the best vantage point to observe the beauty of Nuwara Eliya and surrounding Mountain ranges.


Little Adam’s Peak

54.3 Km / 2 Hrs

Best known tourist attraction for hikers. Not a difficult way to get in to the top so anybody can try getting. Breathtaking views of the surrounding will not make you tired at all. We strongly recommend to visit Little Adam's Peak for any one who is visiting Ella.

Little Adams Peak whether considering the word 'Little',it is named after the sacred Adams Peak (Sri Pada “where the foot print of Lord Buddha is preserved) regarding the similarity between the two mountains. Therefore the mountain was called as Little Adams Peak. Small Adam's Peak, which is also known as Punchi Sri Pada in Sinhala, is situated in Ella, Badulla. It is a short walk of 45 mins from Ella to the Little Adam's Peak. You will pass by a tea plantation on the way up there.


Adam’s Peak

72 Km / 2Hrs 30 Mins away

Located in the southern part of the hill country, this peak has inspired devotees of several religions who hike up in the season of Adam’s Peak with their beliefs for more than 1000 years. Some call it Adam’s Peak – believing it the first place Adam set foot on earth after cast out of heaven, while some name it Sri Paada – believing the sacred footprint of the Lord Buddha is kept here as he headed to Sri Lanka. And there is a much poetic name for the peak as well – Samanala Kanda or the Butterfly Mountain where the butterflies arrive to die.

There is another belief that the huge footprint is of St. Thomas, the early apostle of India or maybe Lord Shiva. So, stories are much that you have various stories to listen of different devotees saying about their holy mountain.

The season begins on the Poya Day of December and runs until Vesak festival in the month of May. January and February are peak months for the hike and between May and October the peak is hidden among the clouds. No matter you are a pilgrim nor a tourist you can choose the time of travel thinking of the hardships and perks.

If it is an off-season that you picked better take all cold-fight equipment a good torch as there is no light at all. Many pilgrims take the 7 hour path from Rathnapura via the Carney Estate which brings them more enthusiasm and devotion as well. The breathtaking views from the Adams peak is kept for the dawn where the sun casts a perfect shadow of the peak onto the clouds around. And as the sun rises high everything changes eventually disappearing the shadow pasting it to the mountain.

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